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      Established in 1977, The Drawing Center’s Viewing Program offers emerging artists the opportunity to include their work in a curated Artist Registry that is consulted by a wide variety of arts professionals from across the globe: curators, gallerists, collectors, and educators, among others. Artists accepted into the Viewing Program are also invited to meet one-on-one with the Viewing Program Curator to review and discuss a recent selection of their work. This informal conversation provides artists with a valuable opportunity to engage in a critical discussion of their practice.
Approximately twice a year The Drawing Center presents “Selections,” group exhibitions of artists curated from the Viewing Program, to give exposure to emerging artists.
We consider an emerging artist someone who is not currently well known in his or her field and whose work has not been widely exhibited or has been under-recognized. Artists who are not currently attending school and do not have New York gallery representation are eligible to submit a portfolio for consideration. Both U.S. and international artists are encouraged to apply.